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Actividades extracurriculares


in Chiwata with a guide  (for example: hummingsbirds Patagonia Gigas)

We also offer courses in Quechua , Aymara, English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian.

We give advice about excursions and can ever organize trips both in the city and  in the surrounding areas such as  Yura (Hot Springs and Spa), Colca Canyon (clasic and trekking), Cotahuasi Canyon, Andahua Valley, Majes Valley and Toro Muerto's   Petroglyphen, Chiwata, Quequeña, Yarabamba, Churajón, Chapi (Maria pilgrimage) Mollendo and Camana beaches, Lake Titicaca  in Puno, the Nasca Lines in Nasca, Macchu Pichu in Cusco,Puerto Maldonado (the jungle) and others.

Also climbing excursions can be arranged for local mountains,  Misti (5825m) or Chachani (6075 m).