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Extracurricular activities


Tandem : exchange of spanish or quechua for english, german, french, italian, portuguese, japanese.

Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons: traditional peruvian cusine classes.  You need about 2 to 3 hours for cooking and you can choose two optios of the peruvian cusine, for example:every thursday from 1:00 p.m to 2:30 p.m







Rocoto Relleno: Chili Pepper stuffed with meat, peanut, raisins, onion, accompanied by  toasted potatoes with cheese fondue and cream.


Soltero de queso: Salad of cooked vegetables, potatoes, cheese, olive, onion and vinegar



Pastel de papa:   slices of cooked and toasted potatoes, cheese fondue,  cream and anisette.


Ocopa arequipeña:  Pepper Sauce, onion, garlic, peanut, milk, cheese with egg, olives and cooked potatoes

Ceviche de corvina:  White fish in pieces marinated in lemon juice, salt;  coriander , celery, ginger accompanied by sweet potato, onion.

Quinua Batida: Quinua cooked with garlics, onion, milk, butter and served with pieces of cheese.


Sopa Criolla: Creole soup, a wonderful meat and noodle brew, tomato with poached egg.

Chupe de camarones Soup of shrimps, rice, potatoes, vegetables, egg, cheese and milk. 

Cauche de queso:  :  cheese and onion fondue, tomatoes and milk served with cooked potatoesTraditional dishes:
Lomo saltado :   small pieces of beef  fried with onion, tomato, peppers and french fried potatoes served with white rice.
Filete de alpaca Grilled alpaca steak seasoned with garlic and rosemary, served with quinua batida
Arroz con Pollo: Chicken pieces, rice, spinaches., peppers, carrot, green beans and peas.
Chicharrón de Chancho Pork ribs fried at high heat accompanied by potatoes
Aji de gallina  cream of chicken, onions, milk,  yellow chilis and bread served  with potatos, eggs, and olive
Escabeche de Pollo: Chopped cooked chicken marinated in vinegar, served with cooked vegetables: carrot, green beans, peas and broccoli.
Chicharrón de Chancho Pork ribs fried at high heat accompanied by potatoes .



Birdwatching in Chiwata with a guide  (for example: hummingsbirds Patagonia Gigas)

We also offer courses in Quechua , Aymara, English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian.

Jobs for native teachers of English and other languages.
We specialize in individual classes in languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Quechua and Aymara. Therefore, if you have students in their native language, is amenable classes, according to the hours taught receive the equivalent in hours of Spanish classes ongoing group and if there were not at their level, a class individual.
If you prefer may receive remuneration according to market rates.
Being a student at university or institute or have a profession.
Present curriculum vitae.

We give advice about excursions and can ever organize trips both in the city and  in the surrounding areas such as  Yura (Hot Springs and Spa), Colca Canyon (clasic and trekking), Cotahuasi Canyon, Andahua Valley, Majes Valley and Toro Muerto's   Petroglyphen, Chiwata, Quequeña, Yarabamba, Churajón, Chapi (Maria pilgrimage) Mollendo and Camana beaches, Lake Titicaca  in Puno, the Nasca Lines in Nasca, Macchu Pichu in Cusco,Puerto Maldonado (the jungle) and others.

Also climbing excursions can be arranged for local mountains,  Misti (5825m) or Chachani (6075 m).